Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trend Alert! Barefoot Sandals

Happy Hump Day everyone! It's almost the end of the work day which means only two more days until the weekend (... not that I don't love my day job as a romance specialist for Midwest Travel Service!). I wanted to show you a few pictures of a new trend I've been noticing recently, barefoot sandals.

Barefoot sandals are actually beaded straps or jewelry worn on the toes and ankles. They are becoming a popular footwear option for destination wedding brides considering they have no soles or heels, but they still dress up the feet. As you may imagine, it would be pretty tricky to walk gracefully through the sand in heels, and no bride wants to come down the aisle looking awkward and uncoordinated!

Here are a few pictures of some of the options that I personally liked. All four can be ordered through Daisy Days.
Great classic bridal option

Maybe for bridesmaids? The beads could be any color!

A little cliche for a beach wedding, but still pretty...

For dinner on the beach during your honeymoon?

So unless you want to bring in a carpeted aisle with planks underneath for your beach ceremony, barefoot sandals may be a fabulous alternative to going barefoot. And simply because I love any excuse to reminisce about my own wedding, I'll show you my selection of bridal footwear:

How about this one? There's Mama Theresa helping me put them on!

What do you think of this new footwear trend? Would you ever try it out for your destination wedding or honeymoon? Don't be shy!! Let us know!

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