Thursday, December 20, 2012

25 Things...with Theresa

Keeping the '25 Things You Don't Know About Me' alive - and now it's my turn!  My first thoughts when I sat down with fingers to keyboard was this was going to be a really hard assignment.  However, once I got started, it wasn't hard at all and in fact, it was quite fun!  I realized I like myself and at 48 years old I can say I am mostly happy with the person I am (not in a conceited way - just a Sally Field kind of 'I'm proud of the person I am' way! :) )

So here goes...

1.  I'm obsessed with commas, and use, WAY, too, many of them!

2.  I love to be silly. My kids say I'm weird!

MTS Blog
{A 'Selfie' from a recent trip - sending kisses home to my hubby and girls - That's me (Mimi) and the love of my life - Blake}

3.  I am a Grandma! (anyone who follows this blog knows this already, but I just wanted to say it out loud ~ again!)

4.  I am addicted to Nacho Cheese Doritos...seriously. If you don't believe me, come in the office and   check out all of my orange finger-printed papers!

5.  I can be pretty bossy ~ just ask my business partners!

6.  I'm blind as a bat and I don't wear contacts or glasses. Warning - move over when you see me coming!

7.  I prefer cats to dogs, but I have no cats and 2 dogs.

8.  I love ANYTHING to do with hair/skin care/make-up and have been known to spend upwards of 3 hours at Ulta! If the travel biz wasn't my passion, I would definitely be an esthetician or in the beauty field in some way. Until then, I practice on myself!

MTS Blog
{Before and after hair shot - any blondes out there looking for the most amazing colorist - I have the perfect one!}

9.  I HATE professional sports. I actually don't care for sports in general but I LOVE to watch my daughter Lexie, a fastpitch softball pitcher, do her thing.

10.  I don't like the Beatles or Elvis. I mean, I really don't like them.

11.  I prefer seafood to any kind of meat and don't consider a salad a meal.

12.  I'm definitely a pool person but like the beach for walking.

13.  I don't like gardening, but I love gardens. Every year I vow to make a change and I plant tons of flowers in May. By end of June, they're dead. Every year.

14.   I'm a reality TV addict. I'm too embarrassed to list all of the shows on my TIVO.

15.  In relation to #14, I tease my kids that if, God forbid, we ever had a house fire, I'd grab my TIVO box before the family photos!  J/K (I think).

16.  I have 3 amazing girls and I'm nuts about them!! See #8. What would I have done with boys?

17.  I subscribe to 9 monthly magazines and People is the only one I religiously read cover to cover.

18.  I can't touch my toes with my legs straight (actually I'm not sure my finger tips even go past my knees, but who's measuring?).

19.  I'm obsessed with reading blogs. I especially love blogs about home design and beauty. I don't follow any other travel blogs... I think ours is the best!

20.  I think I'm a pretty good dancer.

21.  I'm not such a good driver.

22.  I think Dr. Phil is the smartest man alive.

23.  I totally believe in 'The Secret.'

24.  In relation to #23: I believe that God is all-knowing and has a plan for all of us.... A plan to give us hope and a future.  I'm so thankful for Him and for all of the blessings He has given me.

25.  Someday I'm going to be one of the travel experts for the 'Today Show.' Think that's far fetched?  Wait and see!

Until next time...

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