Monday, November 19, 2012

Sometimes it pays to be Square!

With the busy 'winter escape' season right around the corner, I can say with complete certainty one of the questions I get asked most often is, "What's the best deal I can get to ________?"   Although it's a completely legitimate question and a really important one too, it's kind of like walking into your doctors office, telling him you don't feel well and expecting him to give you a diagnosis without even examining you!  There's so many components and variables involved in finding the perfect vacation at a perfect price that it's basically impossible to answer that without a little investigation...unless of course you have no problem being square!

A Square Deal is a great way to have an amazing vacation experience AND save a lot of money!  Basically you pick the departure date, the destination you want to travel to, the resort rating and Apple Vacations picks the resort!  Sound scary?  Not at all, but it does have a few requirements.  You must like wonderful surprises, you must be flexible, and you must be able to handle anticipation without driving your traveling companion (and us) crazy!

Here's a little Q and A to give you a bit more info:

What exactly is a Square Deal?
Square Deals are Apple Vacations best value vacation packages and are exclusive to Apple Vacations. They feature the lowest prices you’ll find for the promised hotel Apple rating.  You choose the destination, departure date and hotel Apple rating.  You'll be informed of your hotel just prior to departure.   In return for your flexibility, you’ll save hundreds! 

When you choose a Golden Apple Square Deal, you can be assured that you have made a great choice, because Golden Apple Hotels are selected by Apple Vacationers for consistently exceeding their expectations.  No matter when you plan to travel, Apple Vacations has Square Deal Savings for you.

Are there different types of Square Deals?
Yes, there are.
6 Apple Plus Square Deal:  When only the best will do! Luxurious accommodations, upscale amenities and personalized services.

6 Apple Square Deal:  Deluxe resort offering high standards and a wide variety of dining and guest amenities.
5 Apple Square Deal:  Superior first-class hotel with quality accommodations and guest services.

4 Apple Square Deal: First-class resort hotel or condo with a good selection of guest services.

Can I request a specific hotel? 
Because of the nature of Square Deals, no special requests may be made including a preferred hotel, location or room type.  Hotel Brand loyalists will love Apple Vacations Branded Square Deals, where you'll be guaranteed of staying at a hotel belonging to a specified hotel chain. 

When do I find out which hotel I will be staying at?
In departure gateways where there are Apple Representatives, you will be informed of your hotel when you arrive at the departure airport. Take this opportunity to inform family members and friends where you will be staying prior to leaving the States. In departure gateways where an Apple Vacations Representative is not at the airport you will be informed of your hotel one business day prior to departure. This procedure also applies to any scheduled air or land only Square Deals.

What if I don't like the hotel that has been chosen for me?
If you are unhappy with the hotel that has been selected, your Apple Representative will work with you to offer an alternative choice. The cost to change hotel will be at your expense and will be payable to the Apple Destination Management Representative in destination. Please remember that due to the special negotiated pricing of the Square Deal, the cost to change hotels in destination may be substantial. 

How do I know if a Square Deal is right for me?
If you answer yes to the following questions, a Square Deal is a good choice for you!
      1.  Are you looking for unbeatable value? 
      2.  Do you understand what types of hotels are included in each Apple rating and will you be 
           happy with your vacation as long as your hotel meets the criteria in that rating level? 
      3.  Can you wait until departure to find out where you’ll will be staying? 

If you answer yes to the following questions, you may want to consider booking a traditional Apple Vacation.
      1.  Do you want to stay at a particular resort or location in destination? 
      2.  Do you have special needs or requests? For example, you should not book a Square Deal if 
          you are disabled or require handicapped accessibility or room accommodations. 
      3.  Are you traveling with a group on multiple reservations? Square Deal hotels may change
           at any time. We cannot guarantee multiple bookings on any given arrival will be 
           accommodated at the same hotel.

The moral of the story is, although the definition of what a 'travel deal' is has changed quite drastically in the last few years, there are still plenty of ways to find good vacation values today.  Our Escape Artists are passionate about finding ways to help you travel for less money, yet give you the vacation experience you deserve!
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