Tuesday, November 27, 2012

25 Things...Maria Style

Continuing with the theme of getting to know us better, here is my list of things you may not know about me!

1. I can make a mean batch of cookies, and follow any recipe, but I really can't cook. Nor do I enjoy it. Think Cher in the movie Mermaids.

2.  I love sports. I'm not a great athlete, but I love and understand competition. If there would have been more female sportscasters when I was growing up like there are now, I am sure I would have pursued that career. Michelle Tafoya rocks. Andrea Kremer does not.

3. I read the Twilight books in two weeks and loved, loved, loved them. Not at all a sci-fi fan, but a good romance gets me every time.

4. I've worn the same color lip gloss for over three years: MAC Lip Glass 'Oh Baby.'

5. Flowers are beautiful, but I don't like anything else floral: fabrics, patterns, scents. Ick.

6. My three sons all have the same middle name. I thought it was kind of a nice way to connect them, but some people think it's weird.

7. I sing in the car. Loud. Seriously, people in the car next to me laugh.

8. I prefer haha to LOL, but I can't stand bahaha.

9. Castles are one of the coolest tangible pieces of history. If you ever get the chance to tour castles in Europe, you have to do it. Put it on your bucket list!

Visiting the Tower of London remains one of my greatest travel experiences. You can still see the inscriptions of the prisoners in the walls.

10. I never liked the color pink until I had a daughter. It's slowly creeping its way into my wardrobe.

11. I like minivans. I think they're spacious and practical.

12. I had two dreams growing up: to be a mother and to win an Academy Award. One down, one to go - haha (see #8)!

13. Highly recommend color coded calendars. My personal calendar is so helpful for keeping everyone's activities straight that I used chalkboard paint to create a huge calendar on our kitchen wall. Everyone has their own color chalk, and we all know what's going on each day.

14. I sometimes speak to my kids in an English accent. No idea why. We mix it up and try some others, but that's our favorite.

15. I love Minnesota, but hate being cold. No skiing, sledding or skating for me!

Ski or beach vacation? Is there even a choice? :)

16. I won't mind if I end up with crow's feet. It will mean that I have smiled a lot.

17. The youngest of five, I've never understood why some people complain about hanging out with their family. Some of my favorite memories come from when we're all together. We love movie quotes and musicals, and generally have a lot of fun together!

18. I hate shopping. I know that's so odd but I can't help it. In the store, online, whatever...I leave that to my husband.

19. I feel more safe bringing my family to Mexico than to downtown Minneapolis on a Saturday night. I love Mexico.

20.  I'm fiercely loyal and usually give people the benefit of the doubt.

21. I think Parenthood is the best show on TV.

22. My kids' eyes are all different colors: blue, hazel, chocolate brown, and well, the youngest keeps changing. Currently they're a bluish green. I love it though. I always thought my husband's brown eyes would take over, but I guess that recessive gene is in there somewhere!

23. Doesn't take much to make me cry - songs, commercials, movie trailers...I'm a sap. I even cry at Oscar acceptance speeches (see #12).

24. I don't understand why everyone hates LeBron for leaving Cleveland. Wouldn't you leave a job you weren't happy in for a better one with more opportunities?

25. My musical tastes have broadened. I like pretty much everything but heavy metal and really twangy country.

Can't wait to see what the other 'escape artists' come up with!

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