Friday, November 30, 2012

Funky Friday ~ Introduction!

We've been talking around here about expanding our blog a bit and having some fun with it... I mean, we do have fun with it already, but we're looking to get a little funky!  We thought Friday would be the perfect day to have some fun and introduce a new blog segment - "Funky Friday!" On Friday's we'll be posting...who knows what! But it will be fun and it will be funky! That's enough of a build up or we're gonna have a lot to live up to!

Anyway, today was going to be my first Funky Friday post. Was being the operative word here.  This morning I got a call from our own Destination Wedding/Honeymoon specialist Christina (who also happens to be my daughter and the mother of my grandson :)).  Both her and Blake have been sick for several days and he is not the greatest sleeper to begin with.  She was exhausted and asked if I could come over on my way into the office for just an hour and sit with him while she got a little shut eye.  Is the Pope Catholic?!?  Come and sit with my favorite little man in the whole wide world? Music to my ears!  Here's a few photos from my day with Blake. Definitely worth putting off my funkiness until next week, don't ya think?

Although his nose is running a constant stream and he slept a total of one hour today - he's still the cutest and most precious little boy...EVER! 

Mimi (that's me!) and my BT! 

I even had some help from my niece Isabella!  Loved spending the day with her too and she is such a good 'big sister' cousin

So that's how I spent my 'Funky Friday'!  What did you do?

Until next time....

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