Wednesday, May 25, 2011

W.A.T.W: The Royal Honeymoon

Who's grown tired of all the Royal Wedding talk these past few months? Not me!! Just one more post on William and Kate if you all don't mind :)
For this week's W.A.T.W. blog I'd like to talk about the Royal Honeymoon in Seychelles. Prior to these past couple weeks most people haven't even heard of this exotic destination before. It's actually a collection of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. If you're looking for an ultra-private tropical destination this would definitely be the place to go!
Rumor has it William and Kate stayed on one of the Northern islands in an incredible villa fit for a king (... sorry, I just had to put a little pun in there). The North Island Lodge villas come with private butler service, an open-air bathroom with a sunken marble bath and shower, four-poster luxury beds, private gardens, a spanning deck with freshwater rock pools, plush outdoor sofas and a yoga pavilion.

Unfortunately based on the price most of us will never experience the Royal Wedding itinerary, but I think it's still plenty of fun to explore. Just in case you were wondering, one villa at the North Island Lodge costs approximately $5957 per couple per night. This means that 10 nights (which was the length of the Royal Honeymoon) would be $59,570. Think that's expensive? William and Kate rented out all 11 villas to ensure complete and total privacy which brings their total to $655,270, not including the cost of private chartered airfare. Hope they loved every minute!

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