Monday, May 9, 2011

Girlfriend Getaways!!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there! My Mother's Day was wonderfully spent with a great group of women in my life! We spent the day doing all of our favorite things...drinking, eating, chatting and laughing (although not necessarily in that order)! We went to the theatre to see 'Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women and loved every minute of it! For those of you who are not familiar, GIRLS ONLY is an original comedy that celebrates the honor, truth, humor and silliness of being female.
Born out of the earnest and sweetly ridiculous writings the two authors discovered in their girlhood diaries, GIRLS ONLY is a mix of sketch-comedy, improvisation, audience participation, and hilarious songs and videos. It will remind you that underneath, all women have funny and very charming feminine similarities. It was a total blast!

Spending the day with these wonderful women got me to thinking... I need to tell you about a necessity in travel - GIRLFRIEND GETAWAYS!!  If you've never experienced a Girlfriend Getaway it's time.  They can be whatever you want them to be: several days spent at an elaborate setting, or a quick overnight close to home with your closest friends!

Here are 10 tips to make the most of your trip:
1. Set a date as far in advance as possible and stick to it. We all know it can be hard to coordinate schedules, so it's easier if to pick the date in advance and then stick to it.

2. Share the trip-planning fun. Each 'girlfriend' takes charge of a day, an excursion, or a meal so that there's something for everyone.  That way you all can share in the planning fun. But don't overschedule ~ you don't want to be constantly on the go!

3. Create a kitty: Everyone chips in a designated amount at the start of the trip. Minor expenses (coffee, taxis, etc.) can be paid from the 'kitty' without time spent over whose turn it is this time. Make a game of it- if anyone mentions her husband, significant other or kids by name while on the trip, she has to put a dollar in the kitty.

4. BYOW: Bring your own wine! Split the cost of a suite and you'll have a great time just hanging out in the room or at the pool. When you arrive, make a run to the liquor store and supermarket. Make your own minibar with supplies to make your own cocktails at happy hour.  Don't forget, every hour is happy hour on a Girlfriend Getaway so don't be shy!

5. Bring old photos--the more embarrassing, the better. You'll be certain to spend much of the trip reminiscing, and you'll be glad you have the pictures on hand.

6. And take lots of pictures--of each other, not scenery. You can never take too many and as annoying and irritating as it may seem at the time, it's so much fun looking back. Photos of each other are way more fun to look at rather than any sites or attractions.

7. The most popular destination in the U.S. for a Girlfriend Getaway is Las Vegas--and for good reason. What happens on a Girlfriend Getaway is just between us girls. Las Vegas has it all... spas, nightlife, shopping, gambling, great pools, sightseeing, adventure...the list is endless!

8. Be willing to compromise. Not everyone is going to want to see/go and experience all of the same things.  Take votes, compromise and be willing to try new things.  As long as you're together it can't be that bad!

9. Allow for alone time. Some of us need that time alone to meditate, read a chapter of our favorite book or just regroup. If you need it, take it!

10. Make some memorabilia after the trip for each of you. This could be a t-shirt, a Shutterfly photo book or a creative scrap book. Along with your group picture include the date and location along with inside jokes and nicknames; whatever makes you look back and smile!

My Mother's Day GG with a few of my favorite ladies and
one of the 'Girls Only' actors!

Most important of all... celebrate Girl Power and the wonderful women in your life.  We are all worth celebrating!!

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