Monday, May 23, 2011

Photo Story - 'Trip To The Beach'

We've only been a part of the blogging world for a short two months now and boy, are we learning a lot! One of the blogging basics we've recently picked up on is the importance of participation. It's not as easy as we thought it would be to make connections with people who have both the time and interest in online interaction, so this week we're going to try something new (courtesy of the Mama's Losin It blog)!

Each week 'Mama Kat' posts a list of writing prompts she invites others to respond to and share on her blog. The idea is that the posts are not only fun, but they also facilitate new conversations and connections with others in the blogging world. This week I chose to try it out because of the natural tie-in with our favorite topic of all: travel (...obviously!).

"Photo Story- Share Photos From Your Most Recent Trip To The Beach."

This writing prompt is especially fun for me because I get to reminisce about one of my favorite trips ever! My most recent trip to the beach was during my honeymoon in St. Maarten this past year. Here are some snapshots:
In the villa pool overlooking the ocean

What a view, huh?

Taking a walk to one of our favorite beach bars

I took this shot out of the car window on our way to the beach
in Phillipsburg. I swear there's no Photoshopping involved... 
Can you believe the color of that Caribbean water?! 

One of my favorite purchases from that trip: my beach hat!

 I guess Kyle wanted to try it out too :)

Our last day at the beach... Can't wait to go back!

Any readers out there with a blog interested in joining in this week? We would absolutely love that! C'mon, everyone has a couple beach pictures they're willing to share, don't they?  If so, don't forget to submit a link to your posting in the comments section so we can all check it out. If you also want to share your photos on the Mama's Losin It blog, do so this Thursday! 

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