Wednesday, May 8, 2013

W.A.T.W. ~ LAX is the place to be!

It's tough to make it through the LAX airport without a celebrity sighting. Several years ago while traveling through LAX with my husband and 2 youngest girls, they were on alert for big stars. Think Britney Spears (I know, big star? Britney Spears? - Remember, this was several years ago before the head shaving incident)! At any rate, while waiting to go through security I noticed Rob Lowe  standing next to us, patiently waiting as we were. I whispered to my girls that he was a 'movie star'. They figured I was teasing them and did not believe me. As  much as I tried to convince them he was big, they weren't buying it. I turned to him and told him I was trying to tell them who he was and could he help me by telling them just how big of a star he was! He laughed and thanked all of us for the blow to his ego (btw - he was a little guy in person, although super handsome in a beautiful sort of way). Since they didn't care much about him and I'm not one to get autographs (what are you going to do with it?) we went on our way. Once on the plane and situated in our seats, I pulled out my People magazine only to open it up to a photo of Rob Lowe himself! He was staring at the time in the very short lived series Dr. Vegas so was seemingly newsworthy. I very happily used that as a 'teachable moment:' Listen to your Mother! She knows what she's talking about!! Although they still weren't overly impressed, they settled back in their seat content that they did have a celebrity sighting after all!

Here's a few celebrity shots of who was making their way through LAX in the last week!

Jessica Alba

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

Kristin Cavallari with son Camden

Miranda Kerr

Reese Witherspoon

I'm only sorry I couldn't include a photo with me and my celebrity sighting but I've never felt right about asking celebs for photos. I think it's time I get over that! Who would you most like to see on your next airport adventure?

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