Friday, May 10, 2013

Funky Friday ~ What's in the Box!

2 of my favorite things...Surprises and Products!

Recently I signed up with a couple different companies to try out their monthly subscription boxes.  Ever heard of them?  There are quite a few out there and on just about any product you can think of.  Beauty products, products for the home, garden boxes, wine sampling...the list is endless - which is NOT good if you are like me - it can get addicting!  At any rate, one of the subscriptions I signed up for is POPSUGAR MUST HAVE.  I've gotten 2 different boxes now and I must say I've been delighted with the contents of the boxes.  It's $35/month and each month a box is shipped to you with full sized products for you to try and hopefully enjoy.  The general idea is most likely it's products that you might not buy yourself and therefore not yet know what you're missing and I like that!  Another thing that attracted me to POPSUGAR MUST HAVE, is that because the products are full sized, if you receive something that is not your personal style, or to your liking, you can give it as a gift or share it with a friend!  Comes in handy for those last minute hostess gifts!  So far I've received the March and April boxes and here's a few photos of what I received.  

Again, you have no idea what you're going to receive so it's really exciting when you get home from work and a package is waiting for you!  The suspense continues when you open the box to hot pink tissue paper hiding what's inside!

 Unwrap the tissue and 'VOILA'!  It's full of goodies!!

It's kind of hard to tell from that photo so here's a little better photo of what I received.  

(Check out the specifics on the March POPSUGAR MUST HAVE)

 I had so much fun inspecting everything and honestly the only product I wasn't crazy about were the nail polish colors.  How lucky for me them that I have 2 teenage girls at home who thought the colors would be perfect for them!  I wasn't really sure about the necklace either.  I mean, it wouldn't have been something that I would've given a second look in a store but several days later I decided to wear it and I really liked it!!  What do you think?  For more info on each of the specific items, check

Given that I really liked my first box, I was even more excited to see what my April box would bring.  One thing I forgot to mention is they send you an email letting you know your box is on it's way.  The thought is never far from my busy little mind that in the next few days, when I get home, another 'surprise' will be waiting for me!

Although my display photo doesn't do the contents much justice, I again was pleasantly surprised by what I received.  

(Check out the specifics on the April POPSUGAR MUST HAVE)

I loved the Shashi nugget bracelet and as someone who has mostly silver jewelry, I liked that the nuggets were gold to match my new necklace from the March box!  I also liked the Kai fragrance and I would've never bought it for myself!  The 'green' garment bag will definitely come in handy.  The fact that it's a four-in-one reusable bag and eco-friendly will make both my life and the world a better place!

I also signed up for the MUST HAVE Summer edition which was just shipped so I'll be sure to share that with you when I receive it and I'm sure my May box will be on its way shortly.  So much to look forward to!!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time...

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