Monday, March 11, 2013

My Hungry Little Caterpillar Turned ONE!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! As I mentioned in the blog last week, this weekend was a busy one for me. On Saturday we threw a party for our little man who just turned one and it was a blast! I'll share a few pictures at the end of this post as promised :)

But first, I want to share some snapshots from the Wedding Fair yesterday. As always, I met some really great brides and grooms who I am very excited to work with! It's always fun to hear all of the different travel ideas, dreams and preferences, and (although this sounds cheesy, I'm still going to say it...) my goal is to help make each of those wishes come true! I truly do love helping couples find the perfect place to escape.

Since decor and dresses are two of of my favorite wedding aspects, I'll share pictures of those:

We had such a great time celebrating Blake's birthday with our very favorite people on Saturday! I decided on a 'Hungry Little Caterpillar' theme which is very fitting, considering Blake's favorite thing to do is EAT. I still have yet to find something he doesn't like. As a result he seems to grow out of his clothes waaay too often but I have to say, I love how easy it is to feed him!

Goodie bags for the other little ones with caterpillar sippy cups and sets of crayons. 
Gotta love the dollar section at Target!

Yummy treats! Colorful Trix crispies, caterpillar cake pops and an assortment of cupcakes.

We served baked spaghetti, pizza, my favorite Barefoot Contessa salad and good ol' bread & butter. I thought it was pretty delish!

Blake and his Daddy

Blake and his Mommy - Cannot believe I have a one year old!

Blake and his Mimi

Waiting patiently for his dessert

 *Happy Birthday to you! *

1st cupcake ever and what a surprise -- He loved it!

I'm ONE!

Ok enough reminiscing about my weekend... Time to get to work!! Have a great day everyone!

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