Friday, March 15, 2013

Funky Friday ~ I Love my Mom!

My Mom is the best!  I know, everyone thinks that - I mean at least those of us that have great Moms. But mine truly is, and for a number of reasons.  The number of reasons actually, is so long that I could do a Funky Friday blog ... about all the things that are great about her ... every Friday ...  for a couple of years!  And maybe I will.  But today I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite things about her.

She communicates by mail!!!

I know!  Isn't that crazy??  And it's not just Birthday or Anniversary cards.  It's the actual old-fashioned, send a note because 'I'm thinking of you' or 'I'm proud of you' communication.  I'm so lucky.  My kids are so lucky.  Even my co-workers are lucky!  Every once in a while we'll get something in the mail from Judith.  We can tell it's from her before we even see the return address.  She's a professional calligrapher so it's not just addressed - it's designed.  Here's an example of one of our treasures:

Once we're past the envelope, what's inside is usually pretty thoughtful as well.  A newspaper article or printing on a topic she thinks might interest us.  Something travel related.  Something that relates to the location of our office.  Something related to someone we may know, or have heard about.  The list is endless. 

One of my favorite things to get from her is a comic.  You see, I don't read the comics.  I don't think they're funny.  But she does read them.  Daily.  And she thinks they're funny!  The funny thing is, when she sends one to me, I THINK IT'S FUNNY!  And it makes me happy to know that she's thinking of me.  And it makes me happy she knows it will make me laugh. 

Here is the one we received at the office today.  

It's funny, right?  And yes - it's true!  And SO typical of my Mom.  Both the conversation Lizzie is having with her Mom, the fact that she thought about me, and she knew I would appreciate it!  I especially love the smile face and exclamation point she added.  Brings forth another smile.  I love you Mom and call me anytime!!

Until next time...

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