Wednesday, February 13, 2013

W.A.T.W. ~ The Bachelor in St Croix!

Love Monday nights! I get home from the office, eat a quick dinner and volunteer to do the dishes so everyone gets out of the kitchen and I can watch The Bachelor without interruption!  I was really excited for this week's episode as Sean and the remaining 6 women were visiting the island of St Croix!

St. Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands. Formerly the Danish West Indies, United States purchased it from Denmark in 1916 for $25,000,000 in gold. The capital of St Croix, Charlotte Amalie, is located on the island of St. Thomas. Although English is the most common language spoken on the island, a native English-based creole known on the island as Crucian is also spoken by the majority of the population in informal situations. Tourism is one of the main sources of income on the island and that's where I come in! I love doing my part to help support the community and approximately 51,000 Crucians that call St. Croix their home!

Now, back to the Bachelor. Sean and the girls arrived on the island via a Seaborne Airlines sea plane. The girls were whisked to their home for the next few days, The Buccaneer Hotel.  Founded in the 17th century and family-run for generations, Buccaneer is the Caribbean's and Virgin Islands' longest running resort. Both historic and modern, the resort blends old world charm with warm hospitality and the amenities expected by today's traveler. Why am I telling you about this fab resort?? The Buccaneer is offering us the same package, including a romantic and private dinner in the sugar mill, as Sean experienced with Tierra!!  The five-night package includes: a Luxury Beachside Doubloon for two, full American breakfast buffet for two, his and her bathrobes, welcome bottle of champagne and a rose (of course!), private half-day BuckIsland trip for two, a private lunch at secluded Whistle beach, a private island tour, a private dinner on the Mermaid Dock, his and her infinity bracelets by IB Designs, a Jeep car rental for one day, and a 50 minute in-room couples massage. Whew ~ Sign me up now please!! Bachelor Package rates are $7,250 through April 15th and $5,900 through December 19th, per couple (paparazzi not included!).

Now on to the dates!  AshLee received the first one on one date. Her and Sean spent the day on the Zingara Catamaran, a 76 foot sailing catamaran with a crew of 4. They sailed to the private island of Buck Island where they swam and hung out for the day. Dinner is served on a private beach where AshLee professes her love for Sean. Sidenote: the way she chose to profess her love was a little weird for me but he seemed to like it...

Sean's next one on one date is with Tierra. Man, this girl is nuts!  I go back and forth wondering if she is for real or is she a plant by the producers to make the show more interesting and frustrating, both at the same time! Watching her alone, makes the 2 hours fly by each and every week. Anyway, they spent the day in the center of Christiansted eating, shopping and taking part in a carnival-like street parade. Although she told the girls she hated the heat and having sweat/her make-up run all over her face, she told Sean she was the happiest girl on earth! She was 'sparkling' all day long (those of you who watch the show know what I'm talking about)!

The next date was a group date with Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay... They had the coolest date in my opinion. Sean woke them at 4:45 am to travel to the farthest East point of the island, Point Udall. They were the first people on American soil to watch the sun rise that day! They then headed to the most Western part of the island, Sunset Beach to watch the Sunset. Along the way they spent time at a Sugar Mill, Jungle Treehouse and a few other adventures.  Although they were seemingly on a date with their 'boyfriend', there were 2 other girls along as well.  They made the best of it and we saw some pretty cool areas of St. Croix!

Sean's final date was spent with Lesley. Their (I thought) awkward date was spent at Mount Washington, an old sugar plantation. The whole day was somewhat boring and unremarkable.  My favorite part of their date was her skirt! She is my favorite dresser of all the girls and I loved the skirt she wore on their date!  The photo does not do it justice at all but you get the idea.

How cute is that!  Although the actual skirt she is wearing is no longer available, I found this one online at Kohls.  And - it's on sale!!

That brings me to the end of  The Bachelor stay on St. Croix.  Oh, one other thing as long as I was on the subject of Lesley and her clothes, I also fell in love with the dress she wore to the Rose Ceremony (right before she got the boot).  I was bummed, not because I liked her for Sean but because I love her outfits!  

I thought it was the perfect dress for an evening in the Caribbean!  It's currently sold out, but I'm hoping  Foley + Corinna will produce at least one my size of course!

And, in case you were wondering care, Tierra was the other engagement-hopeful sent home Monday night.  It was entertaining watching her try and muster up some actual tears!  All I can say is Thank God she is gone.  It restored my faith in Sean, and humanity in general, to see that good always conquers evil! Tune in next Monday to see the hometown dates and who is 3 weeks closer to a possible proposal.

Until next time...

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