Tuesday, January 29, 2013

25 Things with Andrea...

Well it is my turn to let y’all know 25 things about me. I came up with 25 things in a flash but actually writing them out for the blog happened much more slowly.  But here goes!

1.  The sound of an airplane makes me drowsy.   Typically I am sleeping prior to the aircraft leaving the runway.

2.  I am a closet Nascar fan! Tony Stewart sends my heart fluttering.   Not only do I watch Nascar on TV, I’ve actually been to Nascar races and they are a BLAST!

3.   I HATE chain letter/emails. Please don’t ever send me one as I will be the person to break the chain.

4.  I am obsessed with flossing my teeth. I have dental floss everywhere – in my kitchen, in my car, in my purse, in my desk – well, you get the point.

5.  I hope my husband isn’t reading this.  If he is, I will deny I wrote this. I am a terrible driver. I pretend I’m a good driver, but I know I am not. I have dented three different sides of my husbands truck. All of these accidents happened in the same parking ramp (although not on the same day - hey - that makes a difference).  And in my defense, the poles in ramp are large and the parking spots very small. ;-)

Here I am with my husband Jon and sons, JT and Parker, soaking up some Mexican sun!

6.  If I may insert a bit of advice... Ladies, be sure to visit only reputable hair salons! A few years ago when I was feeling “broke” and didn’t want to spend a weeks pay on a cut and color, I visited a discount salon. I left the salon with a Leather Tuscadaro haircut and two weeks later my hair starting falling out in clumps! So much fell out I had to use Rogain. Well, if I’m being totally truthful, I actually didn’t want to pay the price for Rogain so I bought Walgain (the Walmart brand). Lesson learned…..pay the money to the professionals. It is so worth it!

7.  My favorite vacation spot is St. John, United States Virgin Islands.  Can't wait to go back in April!

8.  My very first concert was Journey at the St. Paul Civic Center. I was so close to the stage that when Steve Perry was singing in front of us some of his sweat landed on my arm. Don’t stop believin’……

9.  I have sang karaoke once and only once.  Luckily I was with two friends so I didn't have to face the shame alone.  It was such a bad experience that 2 out of the 3 of us have never tried it again!  And that was 20 years ago!  Of course our song choice may have been our demise.  'Crocodile Rock' isn't an easy song to sing!

10.  My most recent celebrity meeting was Flo Rida at the grand opening of the Hard Rock Cancun (fab, fab hotel!). We tossed one back at the bar. We parted with Flo saying “God Bless You”.  Not quite what I expected from the Wild One.

My and my close buddy Flo rockin it at Hard Rock Cancun!

11.  I always try to be on time. I don’t like being late!

12.  I have owned nothing but Nike sneakers since 1979. I am a brand loyalist. Nike is my longest running relationship. Nothing other than Nikes for 34 years. Check out my new Christmas present to myself.

Merry Christmas Self!

13.  I am a full fledged sleep walker. At this point I could entertain you with over 100 pages of stories, but you're just going to have to take my word for it. Or you could ask Theresa about the time we were on a cruise.  She awoke at 3am to me frantically trying to escape a swarm of bees by trying to get out on the balcony (I could've sworn our room was full of them).  I'm still unsure what I was going to do once I got out on the balcony.  Thank God I was too short to reach the lock on the door and she was able to convince me to get back in my bed.

14.  Growing up, my mom was so worried about getting into a car accident, she made me and my sisters ride in the backseat until we got our driving permits. In addition, we were not allowed to talk when she was driving on the highway. She always reminded us of this rule in a very loud, very stern voice. “I’M ON THE HIGHWAY. NO TALKING! NONE!”

15.  I come from an Italian family. I have 2 cousins named Tony.  While this alone is not uncommon for an Italian family, what makes it a little unusual is that we have Tony, and then we have “Baby Tony”. Baby Tony is now a police officer in New York City with a wife and two beautiful daughters.  Yet he is still called Baby Tony by my entire family!  Better yet?  He answers to it!!! Gotta love the Italians!

16.  What makes me mad? Everything. I can go from 0 to 10 in three seconds!

17.  I have watched each and every season of the Real World on MTV since its debut in 1992. If I had to pick a favorite season it would probably be the first Las Vegas season.

18.  I do not have wisdom teeth. I realize lots of folks don't have wisdom teeth.  But, I never had them!  I was born without them. I am hoping the same for my two boys.

19.  At times throughout the work day, someone will throw out a movie quote and the rest of us have to guess the movie.  I'm terrible.  Much to the constant ribbing of my co-workers, I will admit that I have never seen the Sound of Music, Miracle on 34th Street, the Karate Kid and many other “classics”.  (I did finally see Saturday Night Fever about 10 years ago as my parents had forbidden me to see it when it originally came out).

20.  If I wouldn’t gain weight, I would eat pizza and popcorn everyday all day.

21.  I am a true Rock ‘n Roll girl at heart. On my iTunes you will find Van Halen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns ‘n Roses, Kid Rock, ZZ Top.

22.  In 8th grade I wrote my life ambition was to be a Cruise Director. I was a big fan of the 'Love Boat'. Well, I didn’t quite get a job on a cruise ship, but I certainly love being a passenger.

23.  My least favorite holiday is Halloween. I've never liked dressing up. I am not creative, so trying to come up with a costume was always very stressful to me.

24.  I hate winter and cold weather but I love to ski – as long as it is a warm day.

That's me on the slopes with my younger son, Parker

25.  My second job in high school was at Orange Julius. I think I lasted a week. We had to wear the same polyester smock and visor as the person that worked the shift before us, all the while juicing 5 cases of oranges. Yuck!

Well, there it is.  Now you know me a little better than some of my closest friends!

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