Monday, October 29, 2012

My Travel Day Necessities!

I recently returned from a trip to Cancun/Riviera Maya which is one of my favorite places in the whole world!  One of the biggest reasons I love visiting that area so much is it's so easy to get to.  Catch an early morning flight from Minneapolis/St Paul and you can be on the beach by noon!  That's SO awesome isn't it?  The downside ~ airline travel is not the glamorous gig it used to be!  Here are a few of my 'travel day' must haves that ALWAYS find their way into my carry on!

LOVE this document holder! I purchased it at TYPO at the Mall of America in a really cool bronze color.  It holds my passport and all of my travel documents so they are all organized and in one place!  Typo has SO many cool accessories for travel.  Check them out next time you are at the MOA or online here!

Discovered this really neat spray at one of my latest visits to Ulta.  Really works to set your makeup so you can nap away on the plane and arrive at your destination looking fresh and beautiful!

Another great find at Ulta.  Flying is so drying to your skin and as my skin is super sensitive it seems even more so.  A few spritzes of my hydramist leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated!

I found this great memory foam travel pillow in the SkyMall catalog.  It seems a bit pricey but I can vouch it's worth every penny!  The case keeps it clean and compact and the memory foam and cozy velour cover make catching a few zzz's on the plane so much better!

We all know Burt's Bees is great to keep your lips in tip-top shape.  I'm a lover of anything shiny and glittery so of course my Burt's Bees has to have a shimmer factor! This champagne shade is my fav! You can find it at any of your local drugstores.  A few dollars well spent!

The good old days of complimentary snacks are gone!  Since I love my snacks, Twizzlers and Chex Mix are an in-flight favorite of mine! Easy to pack and takes care of both my cravings - sweet or salty!

I'm not embarrassed to admit that every Friday when I visit my mailbox there's always a bit of anticipation and excitement wondering who will grace the cover of this week's People Magazine!  Love bringing the latest issue on the plane with me.  Not only is it easy reading but I feel like I'm really paying it forward when I leave my already 'cover to cover read' mag behind for someone else! 

Lastly, I have no idea how I would ever again travel without my iPad!  Music, movies, catch-up on a little work and most importantly my Kindle app!  Makes a long flight so much more tolerable!!

So there you have it ~ my travel bag favs! I'd love to hear what your never travel without items are! C'mon, share them with us below!!

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