Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Destination Bouquet

When I think of weddings, the first picture that comes to mind is the Bride followed by visions of her dress, jewelry, bouquet, and so on.  Destination weddings are no different.  Flowers, especially those of the bride, are an important part of any wedding.  They are the perfect way to incorporate your theme and your personality, and they add so much to your special day.

The options are endless...types of flowers, color schemes, lots of flowers or a single stem?  It can be very overwhelming, especially for Destination Weddings, where in most cases you don't have the opportunity to meet with a florist in advance.    The good news is that most resorts have a dedicated wedding planner on site who will work with you in advance to ensure your floral vision becomes reality on your special day.  Following are some common themes to help get you thinking of how you can use flowers to incorporate your personality and/or your theme to make your day more special!

Classic - It's rare to see a wedding bouquet that does not include roses.  Roses signify love, romance and passion.  They come in all colors and sizes, and can add that pop of color you are looking for or bring romantic elegance to your all white theme.  Because they are durable and pretty readily available, they are the perfect choice for your classic bouquet.

Simple ~ Sometimes simplicity is best.  A single calla lily looks lovely and elegant for your beach wedding.It's also great for the budget conscious who don't want to do without flowers but cannot afford elaborate bouquets for the entire wedding party.

Tropical ~ Most destination weddings are located in tropical locales.  This makes it easy to incorporate bouquets that have a tropical vibe.  Orchids are the perfect addition to this type of bouquet.  They come in a variety of colors and go with everything.  A few accent pieces to incorporate other colors and textures and you have the perfect bouquet to compliment your environment! 

Wildflower ~ Although 'Tropical Weddings' are our most popular request, we also have many requests for Destination Weddings within the United States.  Vineyard ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular (weddings and wine...the perfect combination!), and how romantic would it be to get married in a rustic barn setting?  A gorgeous bouquet that incorporates sunflowers, daisies and twigs with berries is the perfect way to add to your special day.  Get them from the local florist or pick them from a field or garden, if you don't mind a few hidden insects included!

Regardless of your destination or budget, don't be so quick to do without.  Flowers have long been a symbol of love...and I think we should keep it that way!

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