Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Deciding Where To Go & When!

For both the wedding and honeymoon couples I work with it can be tricky to decide not only where to go, but also when (and I know this is a dilemma/consideration for many other types of travelers too)! Although good weather can never be guaranteed, I do recommend that everyone take climate into account while making travel plans. Most brides and grooms that I talk to don't get to vacation as often as they'd like, so I try to make sure it doesn't rain (or worse) on their postnuptial parade. Here's a helpful little guide I go by, broken down by region. Feel free to bookmark this post and refer to it again at anytime!

High Season: Although Hawaii is technically considered seasonless, April through June and October are typically the top months to visit. Average temps are usually between 70 and 87 degrees.

Low Season: August and September can be particularly hot; January to March are the rainiest. Certain islands are drier/wetter than others though so make sure you take this into account as you make your selection.


High Season: January through March offer the most sunny and pleasantly-warm days (it's between 73 and 85 degrees on average), but with this comes peak hotel rates and larger crowds. Book far in advance if this is your ideal time to travel.

Low Season: July to October is when hurricanes are most possible so air + hotel rates tend to be lower. Average temperatures are usually between 77 and 89 degrees. Many days in this time frame turn out to be absolutely perfect so there's no need to avoid the area altogether... Just don't forget to add on your travel insurance package :)


High Season: June through September is when the cities and coasts are most crowded, therefore air + hotel rates are the highest of the entire year. Late September and October tend to be little bit better but are still slightly inflated.

Low Season: November through April is when there are some great rates and fewer crowds. Depending on the destination though temps are between 28 and 60 degrees so it can be a little chilly to say the least!


Dry Season: January to March and July to September in Kenya/Tanzania; May to September in South Africa. Temperature is anywhere between 42 and 88 degrees depending on the particular region.

Wet Season: April to June and October to December in Kenya/Tanzania; January to March in South Africa. Range of 48 to 79 degrees.


High Season: January to March is sunny and hot in Thailand, sunny and mild in India and rainy in Bali. A better time to visit Bali would be July through October.

Low Season: April to September is hot and rainy in both Thailand and India. Average temps can be around 102 degrees!


High Season: May to October is the best time to visit with the most sunny days and pleasant nights. Book well in advance and have a hefty budget set aside for this location though!

Low Season: November to March is when rain and humidity are most likely. The temperatures are still pretty mild though; the average range is between 74 and 87 degrees.


High Season: January to March is when summer heats up the Outback and Great Barrier Reef. Temps are between 60 and 95 degrees on average. It's a gorgeous time to visit.

Low Season: The winter season between July and September brings mild days but also GREAT rates. Temps can be between 38 and 78 degrees... Quite the range!

So that's it for today's blog! We'll be posting info on an upcoming Black Friday sale tomorrow, so stay tuned... It's the perfect opportunity to snag some unbelievable rates and make use of the climate info you all just learned :) Have a great night!

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