Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day, Sandals and Pinterest

Does everyone have something prepped to remind loved ones they're special tomorrow? It's almost Valentine's Day in case you forgot! I know a lot of people think Valentine's Day is just another way for the card companies to rake in more dough selling over-priced cards (which I don't entirely disagree with), but I still enjoy 2.14 and think it offers a nice opportunity to be thoughtful and remind those who're near-and-dear that we adore them!

In case you don't have anything for your sweetie just yet, check out the Sandals sale which ends in just a couple of days. Take a moment to browse and you'll see that there are some GREAT deals currently offered which include plenty of extra perks and inclusions. Why not treat yourself and your honey to some time away together?! You have to admit that the couple below appears to be having a great time :-) Here's a link to view more info.

One more thing before I wrap up this quick little post! Midwest Travel Service recently joined the Pinterest community so I want to share that link as well: MTS on Pinterest. We just joined so our pinboards are still pretty bare, but we're looking forward to finding and sharing lots of cool stuff on this new site soon!

Are you on Pinterest? It's a pretty intriguing site that allows members to visually organize and share the things, sites and ideas they love + find inspiring (quickly and easily too!). If you decide to check us out and do a little browsing of your own, don't say I did't warn you about how addicting it can become!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all~

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