Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where to stay for the Royal Wedding ~ Just 2 weeks away!

I've always been fascinated by royalty.  As a young girl growing up with 3 brothers I loved anything to do with Princesses.  From the moment 'Shy Di' was introduced to the world, I felt a kinship with her and the fascinating role she was taking on.  I followed her every move, purchased every magazine with her face on the cover and read every book written about her.  When she died so tragically I was devastated, as though I had just lost one of my closest friends.  How could this happen?  Who will take care of her precious boys?  How would they survive without the love and daily guidance of their beautiful, tender, kind-hearted Mummy?

With the wedding of her eldest son William (those of us close to him call him Wills) just  two weeks away, I feel a renewed sense of royal fever.   I can't help thinking of Diana and how proud she must be of her son.  I was so happy to hear William gave Kate his Mother's ring and the joy that surely brought her as she was watched from above.  I have visions of how she would have been such an instrumental part of the wedding planning and I can picture her and Kate, her future daughter-in-law, working together to plan a Royal Wedding the world has never seen before! Although I have not yet received my official invitation, I'm confident it's on it's way.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few options for those of you who like me, still need to book your 'Royal Vacation'.

Top of my list is 51 Buckingham Gate.  What Princess doesn't deserve a stay at a 5 star luxury resort.  51 Buckingham Gate is the where the diplomats and dignitaries of the world stay.  Considered London's most 'home from home' experience, I know we'll all fit right in!  Royal treatment packages start at just $710 per night.  Included in your package is complimentary breakfast, complimentary cocktails and even a horse and carriage ride where you can experience the Royal Route of the bride and groom to be! 
51 Buckingham Gate
If castle stays are more your style here are a few options.  Amberly Castle in West Sussex England is at the top of my list to go to get the King and Queen Royal treatment.  This 12th Century medieval castle is like stepping back in time but with all the modern luxuries.  During the Royal wedding, get 3 nights for the price of 4 with rates starting at $375 per night.

Amberley Castle

Beautiful accommodations with 4 poster beds

On a time crunch?  You don't even have to cross the pond.  Get the royal treatment at Castle on the Hudson.  Located just 30 minutes north of Manhattan, it sits majestically overlooking the Hudson River and with over 100 years of history you'll feel like you are living in the enchanted days of yesterday and are royalty yourself.  Experience firsthand why it is a favorite of dignitaries and celebrities alike.  Royal Wedding weekend rates begin at just $275 per night.

Castle on the Hudson

If Diana were alive, I don't think I would feel such a strong need to attend.  I'd be happy to watch the festivities from the comfort of my bed, in the middle of the night, as I did for her wedding 30 years ago.  That not being the case, I must now get to the task of booking my Royal Stay.  I just know that William and Kate need me...

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